Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hi fellow stampers, scrappers and crafters.  Another night that I can't sleep and decide it's a good time to update my blog. 

I've been working on getting ideas for tray favors for the hospital which the church ladies will produce for Christmas this year.  Again, I'm at a blank because we are not allowed to put any food stuffs in the favors.  That leaves out an awful lot of ideas.  I've got a couple ideas...singing carolers made out of tubes, an ornament book of sorts that wishes the individual a Merry Christmas etc. and includes the Christmas story in short form. They have to be suited for all ages & both genders and is just for the dinner trays on Christmas day.  If you have any suggestions or can point me to a site or blog to help, that would be great!.  Thanks in advance.

Thursday's class was fun.  I actually made 4 cards for the ladies to see and they chose two do make.  I just want to share and teach everything I know, and everything I see on other sites.  Unfortunately I cannot remember who I got the ideas and designs from half the time and I appologize for not giving credit where credit is due.  Specifically this first card.  It is almost identical, if not, to a card I saw sometime in the last week. Well, copying is the biggest form of flattery.  I love this card and so simple to do with the new French Foliage.  I used the rectangle spellbinder and showed the ladies how to make a square from it to use as a background border and  used another form of masking for the sentiment.  I used a satin ribbon as well as a grossgrain ribbon for 2 separate cards.  This one shows thegrossgrain.

I also used Confetti White CS and the little flecks of all the fall colours just pop out in person.

What is Thanksgiving without a turkey?
Not much really and this is my take on the all punched very colourful bird.
Just too cute! 

Hope you can get some inspiration too!

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